7 best web series to watch in 2022

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Entertainment is the only pick that can make your day. Today it had swallowed billions of individuals. It’s the primary priority everyone wants to give. No one can ignore of using phones or watching television or any entertainment method. In short, life had been meaningful now and everyone can make choice about where they want to spend their time.

Whether upon any screen, mobiles, televisions, or anywhere else, people never miss watching acting by any individual or community. In fact, most mobile users spend their time watching programs and realities. But the most loved item is movies. Yes, this term can not be ignored now or then. It had been a popular means of entertainment and today it had laid certain divisions under it.

7 best web series to watch in 2022
7 best web series to watch in 2022


One of the main divisions of movies is web series. These are basically larger than movies in duration and often distributed in seasons. Web series had been introduced earlier but there was a time when it did get boosted and as a result, today people recommend web series in place of movies. The time of its debut was during the pandemic 2020 – 2021. Those who were knowing a little about web series searched for it and found it useful to make their day.

Thus at present, web series are the most loved part of entertainment after movies and television shows. And so, we are going to share the 7 best web series to watch in 2022.


7 best web series to watch in 2022


1. Aashram season 3

A recently released and one of the most hit post-season series, Ashram season 1 which was launched in the year 2020 is Aashram 3. It had gained the ultimate quantity of views and popularity. Its season 3rd season was released on June 3rd this year. Hence it is one of the latest series that you might have not seen.

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Just go for it, no doubt it will make your quest successful. Aashram 3 is cast by Sachin Shroff, Anupriya Goenka, Vikram Kochhar, Anil Rastogi, Anurita Jha, Parinitaa Seth, and a few more celebrities. It is based on crime and a thriller genre which is the most loved category.

You can easily watch Aashram season 1, Aashram season 2, and Aashram season 3 on MX PLAYER for Free. So, enjoy the most popular web series for free.



2. Panchayat Season 2

This is also a post-season of Panchayat season 1 that was outstood on April 3, 2020. It also went superhit web series among all those who were present at that time. The series comes under the genre of Drama and comedy. No doubt that there would be anyone who could ignore such an interesting series.

Its season 2 was released  18th of May this year, so it had not been an old series to watch yet. You can just go and watch the series because it will make your day. The leading stars in this series are Jitendra Kumar, Sanvikaa, Raghuvir Yadav, Chandan Roy & Neena Gupta.

You can easily watch Panchayat Season 1, and Panchayat Season 2 on Amazon Prime Video.



3. Cyber Vaar

It’s just being a month after its release and it had just crossed 8 stars on IMDB with over 12000 ratings. Accordingly, you can guess the quality of this series. The series is starring Mohit Malik, Sanya Irani, Neha Khan, Keshav Uppal, and Amitabh Shankar in significant roles. The first season had been introduced on the 10th of June this year and is based on the genre of crime and thriller.

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If you are addicted to this genre, we advise you to must have a look at this series. You can easily watch Cyber Vaar on Voot.


4. Apaharan Season 2

A very appreciated and mind-blowing series is Apaharan season 2. Its season 1 was launched in the year 2018 and for the first two years. It had spread fires of entertainment among the audience. Everything was too perfectly carried out and it was one of the most rated series on IMDB for its first two years.

Its season 2 became the most popular series as audiences were waiting since 2018 to get its second season. It did rock after the launch of the 2nd season on March 4, 2022. The movie is full of abuse, crime, and comedies, so must watch alone or over headphones. The series is starring Arunoday Singh, Mahie Gill, Monica Chaudhary, Nidhi Singh, Varun Badola, Saanand Verma, Neha Kaul, and Pawan Chopra in the major roles. It is quite an interesting series you can’t miss. Listen to us and go for the series.

You can easily watch Apaharan Season1 and Apaharan Season 2 on Voot.


5. Campus Diaries

Released in the month of January, one of the most loved drama-romantic series, Campus diaries hit the list in the past winter. It is one of the best series that is not too old, and if you have not seen it, go for it as one of the comedians on YouTube. Harsh Beniwal has a major role in it.

The okay is quite best and you can raise yourself to go and watch it. The stars that are related to this play are Harsh Beniwal, Ritvik Sahore, Salori Gaur, Salonie Patel, and Abhinav Sharma. All the stars are youth, so you are going to enjoy it.

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You can easily watch Campus Diaries on MX PLAYER for Free. So, enjoy the most popular web series for free.


6. The Great Indian Murder

One of the deadly series that is based on crime and suspense must target you to watch it. Though you will not laugh you will enjoy seeing the play that is full of suspense.

It was launched on February 4 this year and the stars related to a major role are Richa Chadha, Pratik Gandhi, Ashutosh Rana, Raghuvir Yadav, Sharib Hashmi, Paoli Dam & Shashank Arora. If you love seeing crime and mysteries, place it and watch.

You can easily watch The Great Indian Murder on DisneyPlus Hotstar.


7. Yeh Kaali Kaali Ankhein

This is our last pick because in this series you are going to relate yourself as the series is based on romance, drama, crime, and thriller. All the top genres made this series hit the headlines to official news points. It was released on January 14 in 2022 and till now it had been much-responsed series. The stars are Tahir Raj Bhasin, Shweta Tripathi Sharma, Anchal Singh, Saurabh Shukla, Arunoday Singh, Brijendra Kala, Surya Sharma, and Anantvijay Joshi.

We are sure, the experience after seeing such a series will get you to relate to your life. Please do not miss it and enjoy it. You can easily watch Yeh Kaali Kaali Ankhein on Netflix.


Wrapping Up

So, we have described the top 7 high-rated web series that are readily presented to you to watch. Just on your phone and get started. We hope you did like our picks, if you haven’t seen these series, please go for it and watch.

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